Carrera Cartoon

CLIENTe: Turner broadcasting system

Welcome to Carrera Cartoon Network a place where you can move and do sport from the hand of all Cartoon Network characters and prepare to compete in different races. Jump with Clarence, move to the beat of Steven Universe or demonstrate your super powers to the best style of The Powerpuff Girls.

Within the app you can find content specially designed for you. Enjoy incredible exercises, entertaining with short games, learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle and invite your friends to participate in a movement in the style of Cartoon Network.

To navigate you can slide or tap the next button and enjoy all the content we have for you.

If you prefer, you can skip the content and let yourself be surprised with a new one.
You can access mini-games, warm-up exercises, stretching and high impact. We will also give you tips and information of interest.

Tell us how you feel and receive the right content for your physical needs.

Nothing is better than exercising in company. In Carrera Cartoon Network you can access individual and double content. You can invite a friend or family member and see who gets the best result.

Take your cell phone in your hand and move! (Hint: Grab your cell phone and move!). In Carrera Cartoon Network, you can measure your skills through the gyroscope and accelerometer of your mobile device, the app will tell you how to perform the exercise and measure your response.

If you like content, repeat it as many times as you like by marking it as a favorite. See the Favorites section in the menu.

Show your friends your achievements, and the best content, sharing it in social networks. (Remember, only one adult is allowed to share content)

Let's run! Get ready for the Race that takes place in the main cities of Latin America.

You may need to move around using this application, so make sure all areas where you are moving are cleared. The use of this application is for entertainment purposes. Any doubts consult your doctor.