After a crash landing, the crew of an airplane is trapped on a lost archipelago. The tropical landscape becomes the scene of the fiercest and most fun races among crazy travelers, who are now looking for a place on the podium of the highest category.

In ‘Ready, Set, Party’ the most unusual characters come together. It seems, the airline did an odd casting of travelers, because on these islands you will find from an almost naked stranger, to a grim one, obsessed with a teddy bear.

Get your favorite character and compete in real time. But don't get confused! Cardboard cars have nothing to envy to professional racing cars as they run fast with a ‘racing party’ on board.

Compete, earn points and ascend in the 9 categories to become the best, but don't forget to enjoy the scenery and move to the rhythm and pulse of adrenaline racing. Keeping you in your category will be the challenge

But that’s not all. To make it more entertaining and exciting, you can get different power ups that can be activated with just one touch. Equip and place your power ups strategically to take advantage of your opponents, ruining their party fun. An uncontrolled missile, a little iced raceway to the taste or a powerful tornado will be great obstacle challenges to the competition.

To unlock each character you must compete against them in fun duels and show them that you are worthy to make them part of your team. Not all of them will be so easy so you must demonstrate your skills on the track.

Open the card envelopes with points, coins, power ups and duels. This is a party gift for the players of this incredible race to enjoy.

Join us, don´t be the last. In this party, the first placed has the most fun!