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"In the beginning there was only darkness (ZHA), which was then expelled by the immense power of the father and son manifested by the breath (AELHOA) to allow “the light”* to enter"

* Güeta: The resurgence plan, Sesquilé Muisca Community, 2012, CAR Colombia.

"Before Everythingis an exquisite videogame creation that pays homage to the Muhysca native culture, its oral tradition, myths, beliefs and sounds, combining the rhythms of the community with modern genres that converge in a story, in which you must dance To the rhythm of its music to create various universes.

With the help of Muhyscas Deities representatives, you will have to follow the rhythm of incredible pieces of music, and through different finger moves you must to keep the creator dance of universes.

Throughout the flow of history you will know firsthand the cosmos seen from the perspective of the Muhysca community, in an attempt to bring together a perception of the ancestry and oral tradition of one of the most important communities in the ethnic landscape of Colombia.

In order to win you must follow the rhythm of the music through taps, swipes and sustained finger moves that will mark your route. Depending on your precision, you will add more or less amount of points.

Compete in progressive levels, gain points, collect coins and follow the rhythm of musical pieces enhanced with winds and percussions that create a fun and cosmic atmosphere.

The energy of the universe is in your hands. Equip your power ups to multiply your chances to win and enjoy being the best in this competition of rhythm, precision and culture.

Follow the rhythm of the Muhysca ancestral route, in “Before Everything”!