Ready, Set... Think


Think fast! Think as many words as you can, before your brain freezes.

Have fun competing to demonstrate who knows the most words on topics such as Geography, Science, Lifestyle, Art and History, and sports. Don’t allow the countdown to take you by surprise, because you could end up cold.

Ready Set Think is a game for the fastest minds, who know a little of everything and who do not have any limits.

For geniuses who know how to connect the mind with their fingers, to write at the speed of light. Don't stop writing like crazy! The more words you complete, the more points you will get to beat your opponent.

You will have 3 rounds with a 30 seconds duration, In which you will be given a clue. Fruit, Supermodels, Gods of Olympus or any subject could correspond you, and you must demonstrate how much you know or how well you can improvise.

Remember all you can, the game is as big as your mind is open and creative!

Play this real time multiplayer game, and enjoy the world and the characters of ice creams that bring you all their flavors, but be careful before your brain freezes.