Teen Titans

CLIENTe: Cartoon Cartoon 

Now that the remote has been stolen, Teen Titans are facing one of the biggest challenges of their lives ... living without TV! However, it will not be long until their brains begin to degrade due to lack of entertainment. Only one Teen Titans has their brain protected with eighties television content, and is the only one that can keep others from becoming bored zombies.

Join Cyborg and Mister TV in an adventure to regain control of the clutches of Control Freak. Use the two buttons to activate the Cyborg thrusters and walk through the Teen Tower for control and the energy to turn it on.

But be careful! You'll have to avoid the bombs, the saws, the laser beams and the eighties traps Control Freak has put all over the Teen Tower, to prevent us from frustrating his Machiavellian.

Heat the thrusters, shine your metal cannon and get ready to shout BOOYAH!